Sunday, July 28, 2013

BarkBox is a great treat for dogs!

Soooo excited to find out
this BarkBox is just for him
(click image to view larger)
As I've said before, my dog is a goofball.

This year, he turned 12.  And although I've been spoiling him for most of his life, I thought..."a little more can't hurt," right?  (The correct answer here is "right!")

Recently, I heard about a new service called BarkBox.

Here's how BarkBox works: You specify what size dog you have, and every month, they send your dog different goodies!  (That's how simple it is!)  It's subscription based, so you sign up for 3 or 6 months and then wait for the goodies to start rolling in.

I signed up before the June BarkBox delivery and then we waited for the spoiling to begin.

My dog is super picky, but he pretty much loved everything in the June BarkBox!

June's BarkBox (click image to view larger)

He was crazy for the:
He's still trying to figure out the giant hickory bone (sorry, don't remember the brand, and the wrapper is long gone at this point) that was also part of the June BarkBox.  It's soooo big!  He goes over to it, pokes his nose down on it like he wants to eat it, but he has not yet figured out how to get it to fit in his mouth.  (He eats rawhides all the time but they're not quite as thick as the hickory smoked bone is.)

Our dog getting hyped up about June's BarkBox
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About a week ago, his July BarkBox arrived. He was again super excited to see that the box was for him.

And it seems like my dog is not the only one who goes crazy for BarkBox.

Unfortunately, this time, he's not so crazy about everything in the July BarkBox.

July's box included:
It also included a couple of non-food items:
As far as the jerky treats go, he hated the chicken and cheese one but loved the beef and cheese one.  I unwrapped both of them this morning and damned if he didn't just stare at the chicken one.  He picked it up and licked it...but immediately spit it out.  He devoured the beef and cheese one right away without hesitation.

July's Barkbox
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As for the Max & Ruffy's organic treats, he completely hated those. I tried giving them to him 2 separate times and both were epic failures.

I wonder what will be in August's BarkBox!

For you dog owners out there, what do you do to spoil your doggies...?


  1. Thank you for linking back to us! We both love Bark Box delivery days. Daisy doesn't always love everything that is inside, so she shares those with some other pup friends. We've found some new treats through Bark Box. Did you get any "Bark Worthies"...those are the ones Daisy always goes for first. Can't wait to see what they come up with in August!!
    Happy Motoring...we have a Mini, too!

    1. I'll probably end up sharing the stuff he doesn't like. So far, I've just set it aside. He loved the peanut butter smoothie -- couldn't get enough of that one!
      I haven't heard of Bark Worthies! Will have to keep an eye out...

      MINIs are so much fun!

  2. Hi there, found your blog through the #Team Run Disney blog hop!

    So this seems like it is a Bulu box for dogs! Cool idea. We have Labradors and need to keep an eye on their weight, so I'm afraid tempting her with these extra treats may not work for us...haha. For special occasions like birthdays, we give them Frosty Paws ice cream treats. They love them! I'm loving that you incorporate your dog in your posts. We write about our labs sometimes, but I'd like to feature more dog posts!

    1. Thanks for visiting my site!

      I haven't tried Bulu or Frosty Paws. I don't usually spoil my dog with a lot of treats so this has been nice for him... :)