Monday, August 26, 2013

Never grow up!

As I mentioned yesterday, I'll be participating in the Disneyland Half Marathon.

My last costume attempt was Princess Half Marathon weekend at Walt Disney World in February.  I attempted matching to Cinderella's colors for the half (until it got too hot, that is) and did a Cheshire Cat costume for the 5K.

The inspiration for my
Peter Pan costume
For the Disneyland half marathon itself, I'll be dressed as the alien from Toy Story. For the 10K, I'll be dressing as Peter Pan.

For Peter, all I felt like I really wanted was a custom shirt.  I ended up finding an athletic shirt on the clearance rack at Sports Authority.  My original plan was that my mom and I would sew the Peter Pan pieces together (after all, Peter's costume is fairly simple) or I would use Pellon (which is like an iron on backing used to adhere 2 fabrics together), but I ended up asking an Etsy seller if she could help instead.  The Etsy seller's name is Jennifer, and she runs RunRunCostumes (no pun intended). Jennifer did all the sewing work on the shirt.  (For a full description of the process with her, read this.)  She essentially cut out "petal"-like shapes and sewed them onto the shirt's sleeves and bottom.

Peter Pan -- minus the sword
I also found some green shorts at Sports Authority, and I already had a green skirt from Sparkle Athletic.

Then I bought some brown fabric at Jo-Ann's so that I could make my own belt. I don't sew, so instead I used Pellon. I just cut out a long piece of the brown fabric, folded it over, and put the Pellon inside one of the folded over areas so that the edges weren't exposed.  Then I attached some iron-on velcro to the ends.

With some of these costumes, I feel like the accessories really "sell" the idea, and Peter is no different.  Earlier this year, a family member gifted me some funky elf-like shoe covers and a green dri-fit hat (which I will add a feather to), and I also got a sword!  Yup, you read that right, a sword!

Actually, I have 2 swords, and I could really use your (yes you, dear readers) help trying to decide which sword to carry. Sword 1 is sort of pirate-y; sword 2 is more like a dagger.  I got sword 1 in the dollar bins at Target (it was actually $3 and came with a pirate-y shield too); sword 2 is a custom Etsy item that was a bit pricier (still < $20).

So which sword would you choose...?

Sword 1

Sword 2

As I mentioned in my post about my Toy Story alien costume...way back in March, I didn't really care which one I wore for which event (Peter or the alien for the 10K versus half). Somewhere around June-July, I decided I would be wearing Peter for the 10K and the alien for the half.  So, I'll be Peter Pan for the 10K.

So what will be different on race day?
  • As I mentioned, I have a sword which will be tucked into my belt.
  • My shoes will actually be ON for the race. (Yup, they're not on in the picture here. Just wanted to give you an idea of how it would look though!)
  • I'm thinking about swapping out the visor for a different one that is a lighter shade of green (more matchy with the shirt).
  • I'm currently debating whether I should buy some green calf sleeves at the last minute to really round out the outfit.  (What do you I need them?)
Curious how much this whole thing cost me?  Probably less than the Toy Story alien but, again, the amount is kind of embarrassing, so I'll just keep it to myself.  I always planned for this costume to be used again as and when I do the Tinkerbell half marathon, so the costume pieces definitely won't go to waste.  Also, most of the pieces are not specific to Peter Pan and can be reused again for something else (or at least that's what someone else reminded me!). (Really want to get an idea of the cost?  Send me a private message, and I just might tell you.)

So?  What do you think...?  


  1. I like sword one - seems less bulky and more peter panish

    1. Thanks, Krystine!
      Sword 1 got a bit smooshed in the suitcase the night before I left, so I ended up taking sword 2. About halfway through the race, I was super glad I brought sword 2 because it worked so well with my belt.